In the Request Silent Monitoring window, you must choose “listener”. The listener is usually you, but you can e.g. let an unexperienced agent listen in on an experienced agent’s call(s).

  • If you want to listen, enter you own phone number or select My softphone
  • If you are ordering Listen in on behalf of another user, please enter this other user’s (mobile) phone number or select the correct user group and user name so that this person receives the listen in call on his/her Puzzel softphone.

Phone numbers (fixed or mobile) must include 00 and country code.

The listener’s Softphone (in must be logged on to queue (with any profile containing Phone) to receive the listen in call. We recommend that the listener is in a (yellow) pause state (e.g. Admin) or use a profile not containing inbound queues while waiting for a listen in call.

You then need to decide how many calls you want to listen to (default 1) and until what time. The reason you set a time limit is to avoid situations where Puzzel calls you/the listener when unavailable (e.g. in a meeting)

Once you have filled out the relevant information, click Add.


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