Wrap-up vs Pause/Pause reasons

We strongly recommend configuring a pre-defined wrap-up time (e.g. 30 or 300 seconds) for phone calls, so that agents automatically are set to status Wrap-up after hang-up. You can also configure that the agents can extend the wrap-up. The agents can click Ready while in status wrap-up, and the time the agents are in status wrap-up is reported as wrap-up (and included in AHT) both in statistics and in real-time Ticker and in Wallboard.

We do not recommend creating a pause reason called (extra) wrap-up, since time in a pause reason called wrap-up is only reported in the statistics report Time per pause type and is not included in Wrap-up and AHT in Real-time Ticker nor in statistics or Raw data.

To minimise agent clicking, we recommend a quite long pre-defined wrap-up (e.g. 5 minutes) so that agents usually only need one click ("Ready") when ready for the next call. If the pre-defined wrap-up is short (e.g. 30 sec), the agent quite often needs to click "extend wrap-up" before wrap-up ends, and then click ready when ready. And if the agent forgets to extend wrap-up before the wrap-up ends, they receive a new call when they are not ready to answer.


11/06/2020 - 10:02

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