Enquiry registration categories

If your Puzzel solution uses Enquiry registration, all agents will by default see all categories ticked as 'default', in the Agent application's Enquiry registration part.

If not all agents should see all the defined categories, you can define resource filters containing selections of Enquiry registration categories and assign the filters to the relevant user groups, OR you can define which Enquiry registration Categories that should be used per system queue (on page Services - Queues). 

Example: Create one resource filter containing categories used for support and assign it to user group Support, and create a filter with categories for sales, and assign this filter to user group Sales.

A category defined as Reserved for Dialler will only be shown for agents when they receive a call from a Dialler queue it is configured for, so the Dialler categories can not be included in a resource filter.

If agents answer more than 1 queue and you often need different categories per queue, we recommend configuring Categories per queue instead of using resource filters containing Enquiry registration. Please see article Enquiry registration per queue.

Please note that a resource filter containing some Enquiry registration categories does not limit what categories a user will see in the Admin Portal on page Users - Enquiry registration.  
(If we limited what Enquiry registration categories a user saw in Admin Portal based on a resource filter, a user with such a filter assigned who created a new Category would experience that the new category disappeared after saving it).


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