Enquiry registration per queue

On page Users - Enquiry registration you define Categories and their belonging topics to be used by the agent application, and the order these categories are shown in the agent application. All Categories are shown for all agents (all user groups) unless you have limited what categories to show for each user group by using resource filters with categories.

You can configure what categories to be used per queue instead of using resource filters to limit what categories different user groups can see.

The standard solution is that 'All default' categories are shown for all your queues.

You can click on the edit pen in column Enquiry registration categories for a queue row to select between All default, None or Selected categories.

  • All default means that all categories checked as default on page Users - Enquiry registration are shown for agents for requests from this queue.
  • None means no categories will be shown for gents for requests from this queue.
  • Selected categories means that the categories you selected here are shown for agents for requests from this queue.

Please note that the selected categories for a queue is shown in the agent application in the order defined on page Users - Enquiry registration. 

If one category should be used for one or only a few queues only, and you have other queues that should use All default categories, you should uncheck default on page Users Enquiry registration for this Category so that it is not included in All default.

For Dialler campaigns you can select a category reserved for Dialler to be used. This is done on page Services Dialler under Agent feedback. If a Dialler campaign queue uses a category reserved for Dialler, this Dialler category is not shown on page Services Queues.


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