Enquiry registrations in Archive

In the Agent Application, agents can register what the call/chat/email was about using Enquiry registration. When an agent answers a call/accepts a written request, a new Enquiry registration tab appears (if configured). Since calls can be transferred to other agents and Enquiry registration is optional, there might be 0, 1 or more Enquiry registrations per incoming call, each containing 1 or more Topics in 1 or more Categories and/or a comment. You can search for calls/chats/emails with a Category/topic or with a specified Comment.

Only Enquiry registrations linked to a request are shown in the Archive.

If you use the Puzzel Dialler and an agent reschedules a Dialler call, the reschedule time and "to myself"/"to any agent" will be shown below the comment. If the Dialler agent selects "Mark as unanswered", this will also be shown here.


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