If you want to see your company's SMS Survey and Chat Survey results in the Archive, this can be turned on by Puzzel support. If an SMS Survey or a Chat Survey is offered to the customer, the question, the score and the comment (if available) will be shown in a tab called Survey.

The question will be shown, and if an answer is received, the answer will be shown.

  • For Chat Survey, the customer might provide a score and/or a comment, so we show 1 row for the question and a 2nd row for the answer, if received. 
  • For SMS Survey, we expect an answer with a score, and if a Follow-up question is configured for that score and sent, this will be shown. If an answer to such a follow-up question is received, this will also be shown. We will therefore show 1-4 rows
  • For a new Insight Survey that might have several questions and answers, there might be several rows in the Survey tab.

Relevant search fields under Advanced search are:

  • Survey score: You can enter a number (e.g. 10) or a range (e.g. 0-2)
  • Survey comment: Enter a text and use * as wildcard, e.g. *bad*

To list all callers/chatters for a day where any Survey comment is received, search for All calls/Chats with Survey Comment = *.


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