Each time a user listens to, downloads or deletes a call recording - or sees, downloads or deletes a chat log - from Archive, a log entry is created in the Audit log. Puzzel does not create a log entry when a user opens the General information tab, the Enquiry registration tab or the Survey tab for a call/chat.

All or selected admin users can be given access to the see the Archive Audit log page, where you find one record for each time a user accessed a call recording or a chat log.

When you search in this log, you can specify Type (Recorded calls or Chat), Action done (listen/download/delete), User that accessed the content and/or Time period.

When an old calls/chats general information is deleted from the Archive at midnight (according to the agreed storage time), the Audit log entries for the deleted calls/chats (if any) are also deleted.

Puzzel support can't listen to your call recordings nor see your chat logs in the Archive unless you have given Puzzel access to the Archive content. It might be useful for Puzzel to have access to recording files when working with support issues related to call/sound quality or call recordings. If Puzzel is given access to Archive content and a Puzzel employee listens to a call recording or looks at a chat log, this will be logged in the Archive Audit log (if logging is turned on).


These Archive Audit log entries are also available through the API (ArchiveAuditLogGet).


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