Select Type = Chat and enter your search criteria. When you click "Search and show result", chats that match your search will appear.

General Information for Chat

In the General information tab, you will find time spent in queue and chat conversation time with agent(s). This is the same structure as with phone calls.

Who ended the chat first

For chats connected to an agent we will show who ended the chat first (Hang up first). The normal situation is that the chatter disconnects first, and that the agent a bit later closes the chat dialog tab in the Agent application. If the agent tries to close a chat tab in the Agent application before the chatter has disconnected, a warning is given but the agent can close it.

Chat tab showing chat log (aka chat transcript)

Under the Chat tab, the actual chat text is shown. If you need a copy of the text, select the text and copy it to your computer's clipboard, and then paste it into a document or email. Or, select the chat in the right margin and choose Download to get an xml-file with the text.

If an agent sends a file (chat attachment) to the customer during the chat, this file name is shown as a text entry/link from the agent in the Chat text. Since the file was only temporarily stored, the link only works a short time after the attachment was sent.

If you have configured one or more (custom) chat variables to be used, the variables that are given value in a chat will be shown in the Variables tab for the chat.


Delete chat logs

A user can be given access to delete call recording files and chat logs from Archive. This is done by turning ON property 'Allowed to delete recordings and chat logs from Archive' (Users - Products - Recording) for the user.

To delete a chat log, tick the Select box in the right column for this chat and then select action 'Delete chat log'. You will be asked to confirm. 

If a chat where the chat log is deleted by an admin appears in a search result for any user later, we wil show that this chat's chat log was deleted by user x at



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