On the page Archive Search you can search for calls/chats from a persons phone number/email address and then you can download and/or delete the found call recordings and the chatlogs, but not remove the traces (in General information) that this person called, chatted or sent an email to your Puzzel solution.

On page Archive - Anonymize, you can add a row with phone number and/or email address for each end-customer (person) that requires to be forgotten, and then you can select where (SMS Survey, Archive and Raw data) this person should be anonymized.

When a record is entered, Puzzel will (the coming night) replace this phone number in existing calls and this email address in existing chats/emails with Anonymized, in the Archive, in the SMS Survey result list and/or in Raw data. A new record will have status Waiting until the anonymization is done the coming night, and then its status will be Done.

When the actual anonymisation is done, the phone number/email address entered on the Anonymise page will be anonymised (Most digits/characters are replaced ***).

Each night we delete records older than 12 months from this page. 

If a person calls in or initiates a chat to your Puzzel solution after the day you entered his number/email address here, this call/chat will not be anonymized.

Phone number format

  • National phone numbers should be entered without country code.
  • Foreign phone numbers (numbers not belonging to this Puzzel solution's country) must be entered with 00 and the country code before the national number.

If someone searches for requests in the Archive from a phone number or email address which is anonymized, no requests will be returned.

If a user searches for requests in the Archive and an anonymized call/chat/email appears in the result (e.g. when searching for all requests to queue X yesterday), the anonymized call/chat/email will not include callers number/chatters id/email From address, but instead anonymized.

If you anonymize calls/chats in the Archive, you will not be able to find these requests in the Archive later, so if you really need to delete the call recordings or chat logs and remove the callers number/chatters id (email address) from the requests General information, you must delete the recordings/chat logs first.


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