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In Archive, type "Email/Task" covers requests with media type Email.

Media type email is used for ordinary emails and written requests from any system queued in and distributed by Puzzel (often called Task or eTask), and Scheduled tasks.

Emails/tasks usually have a duration (from request arrived in queue until agent closed the request tab) of several days. If you know when request arrived in queue, you should search based request's Start, but if you only know when the email/task was answered by the agent, you should search based on request's Finish. 


When an email/task request arrives in the Puzzel service, an ‘arrival-record’ (called Pre-initiation event in Raw data) is generated and the request appears in the Archive with Start, To (Access point), From and possibly Subject. If you use Advanced search, you can choose Answer status = Not yet answered or Answered instead of All, which is default.

Information about time spent in queue and which agent that answered is available first after the email request handling in Puzzel is finished.

  • ‘Time before answer’ is the time from email arrival in queue until the first agent accepts it. This is similar to wait time in statistics report Details per queue for email and social media.
  • ‘Handling time’ is time from the agent clicks accept until he/she clicks ‘finish’.
  • ‘Total time’ is from the email arrived in Puzzel queue until the last agent has clicked finish.

Below the graph, you'll find a Display content link, which is a link to the actual email (task) stored in your system. This is the link Puzzel received when the email was put in queue. (This link is not used for Scheduled tasks). Please note that if the email/task is moved to another folder in the source system, the link may no longer be valid.


If the agent that accepted the email transfers it to another agent or queue, the time before next agents answers is shown as time in (a new) queue. If the agent puts the email in his/her personal queue and then answers it later, this is shown as time in personal queue and then a new Handling time.

Scheduled tasks in Archive

A Scheduled task created by an Puzzel agent or using the API is usually shown with access point = "STask_<customer number>", e.g. "STask_10009", and with From = Contact name. A scheduled task will appear with very limited information in Archive some minutes after its created (as an email received but not yet answered). The one below is created at 16.02.2022 at 11:07 (=Start time) and it has a value for From, but no other information before it's answered and closed by agent.

When a scheduled task is finalised by agent (hours or days later), the rest of the information about the scheduled task will appear in Archive in the General information tab.

Please note that the queue event starts at the Scheduled time (in this case at 12:00 local time), which is not the same as the request's Start, which might be hours or days earlier. The queue event's duration (here 12m 35s) is until agent has accepted the task. The actual scheduled time can be found in the Variables tab.

If you want to search for a Scheduled task, you should search based on request's Finish, since a Scheduled task might have been created (=having Start) many days before the scheduled time/when it was sent to agent.   

Time before answer is from the scheduled task was created (Start) until agent accepted, and Total time is from when scheduled task was created until agent closed the request tab in the agent application (=Finish). Since it may be several days between a scheduled task was created (Start) until its Scheduled time, these 2 parameters are not very useful for Scheduled tasks. 

Variables tab

  • Here you find the scheduled task input parameters like scheduled time, subject, contact id, phone number and URL.
  • The scheduled time (api_etask_scheduled_datetime) is in UTC and not in local time. 



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