Download general information about requests

In the Archive, you can search for requests (calls/chats/emails) and in your browser you can study the found requests General information and access the requests content, that is, play the call recording or see the chat log. You can also download call recordings (mp3-files) and chat logs from the Archive.

If you want to download a simplified version of the General information for a selection of calls/chats/emails found in the Archive as an Excel file, you can enter your search criteria and click "Search and download". If you confirm in the popup window, the search wil be done and an xlsx file will be generated and downloaded.

General information about a request is metadata like the Callers number/Chatters name/emails From address, Access point, Start time, Queue name, Time in queue, Agent name, Agent speaktime etc.

If you click "Search and show result", we present max 100 requests in your browser even if the search returns more records (Search completed. Too many records found, 100 records shown). If you click "Search and download", we now allow max 5000 requests/rows in the file. The downloaded file will have the file name "Puzzel Archive data hh_mm_ss.xlsx". If the search returns more than 5000 rows, we will generate a file with no data and the filename "Too many rows - please narrow search.xlsx".

There will be one row in the xlsx file per call/chat/email.

The columns in the xlsx file:

Column name Description
StartTime The date and time the request arrived in the Puzzel platform
ANO The caller's number, the chatter's id or the emails From address
AddANO If an additional calling party number is received by Puzzel, it will be shown here.
BNO The Access number for calls (B-number), the To-address for emails and the Access point for chats.
SessionId The request's session-id in Puzzel. For calls, only recorded calls have a value for SessionId in the file.
SessionId is used in call recording files). 
TimeBeforeAnswer Number of seconds from the request arrived in Puzzel until the first agent answered the call/accepted the written request
TotalSpeaktime Total number of seconds agents were connected to this request.
Queue The name of the first queue this request was in
QueueStartTime The date and time the request arrived in the first queue
TimeInQueue How long the request was in the first queue (in seconds)
AgentId The id for the first agent that answered/accepted the request
AgentName The name for the first agent that answered the request
AgentSpeakStart The date and time the first agent answered/accepted the request
AgentSpeakTime How long (seconds) the request was connected to the first agent
Queue2 The name of the last queue this request was in
Queue2StartTime The date and time the request entered the last queue
TimeInQueue2 How long (seconds) the request was in the last queue
Agent2Id The id for the last agent that answered the request
Agent2Name The name for the last agent that answered the request
Agent2SpeakStart The date and time the last agent answered/accepted this request
Agent2SpeakTime How long (seconds) the request was connected to the last agent
Recordings For calls: Number of call recordings in this call. If 0, the SessionId will be empty.
For chat: 1 if the chatlog exists
For email: The value will usually be 1, but for emails arrived in queue but not yet answered by agents the value will be 0.
EnqReq 0 if no Enquiry registration records exist for this request.
1 if at least one Enquiry registration records exist.
SurveyOffered 0 = Survey not offered.
1 = offered
2 = offered and answer received.
SurveyScore The actual score received for the SMS/Chat Survey

The Archive's General information is NOT Raw data. The Archive contains quite detailed information about calls/chats/emails, but this is simplified information and less detailed that what is found in Raw data, and details from Enquiry registration, Survey and Variables are not included. The main differences between Raw data and Archive visualisation is explained in the Puzzel Raw Data detailed description document, found here.

If you want to have more detailed information about calls/chats or if you want detailed information for lots of calls/chats every day/every week, stored in your own system, the recommended solution is to export data from Puzzel Raw data SQL database into your own database.


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