Prevent call forwarding to voicemail

When the Dialler calls a contact’s number, Puzzel includes “please don’t forward” (aka “diversion inhibitor”) in the call set-up (sip invite) message to the contact’s telecom operator. If a person has activated Call forwarding to voicemail when busy or after x sec ringing, MAYBE the mobile operator will disconnect the call instead of forwarding to voicemail that answers. If it works varies between countries, mobile operators, mobile subscriptions and type of call forwarding/voicemail solution.

Example (when it works):
The Dialler’s Max ringing time is 29 sec and the contact’s mobile phone has configured Call forwarding to voicemail after 25 sec and when busy.

  • If the contact does not answer the call from the Dialler within 25 sec ringing, the call will end instead of being forwarded and answered by voicemail.
  • If the contact’s phone is engaged in a conversation when the Dialler calls the number, the call will end instead of being forwarded and answered by voicemail.
  • If the contact clicks No/Reject while the Dialler call is ringing on the mobile, the call will end instead of being forwarded to and answered by voicemail.

Puzzel does not try to detect if an answered call is answered by a live person or an answering machine before connecting the answered call to an agent. The main reason is that such Answering Machine Detection (AMD) solutions causes delay in connecting an agent and usually more silent calls. (The AMD solution may generate silent calls by mistaking a call recipient for an answer machine and disconnecting the call).

For progressive/power/predictive mode, when an answer signal is received from the called contact's number, Puzzel connects a ready agent. For preview mode, the agent is already on the line, so when an answer signal is received, the agent and contact is joined.

When an agent is connected to a contact's answering machine, we recommend the agent hangs up and clicks "Mark as unanswered".


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