Clicking on a number in the Thresholds column in the Alarms table opens a new window: Alarm threshold configuration. The number in the Thresholds column is not a threshold value, but the number of different threshold values defined for this alarm!

Here you can define the types of threshold and their values for the chosen alarm. One alarm can contain one or more thresholds.

If an alarm has more than one threshold defined, the alarm is triggered if one of the thresholds are 'broken'. 

In this example the alarm is triggered if less than 1 agent is logged on and not in pause or if more than 5 agents are in pause.

The Deviation field is normally used when the threshold values are imported from an external system through custom integration. It is used to avoid an alarm to trigger when there are only minor deviations from the threshold values (e.g. planned number of agents logged on). You don't need to define a deviation for threshold values defined here.


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