Properties related to call recording and access to call recordings in the Archive.

  • Allowed to play Recordings and see chat logs/SoMe content in Archive: If OFF, the user cannot play call recordings or see chatlogs in Archive.
    (If this property is off, the user cannot download/delete recordings even if the download/delete properties are ON).
  • Allowed to download Recordings from Archive. Default OFF.
  • Allowed to delete Recordings and chat logs from Archive: Default OFF. If ON, the user can delete recordings and chatlogs from Archive.
  • Censor recordings button visible: If agents should be able to Censor an ongoing recording in the agent application.
  • Manually recording allowed: Default OFF. Turn ON for agents who should be able to manually start a call recording.
  • Recording of conversations Forced on agent: If turned ON, all calls to agent(s) (in this user group) are recorded (unless the caller denied call recording). However, if agent1 (with forced recording OFF) initiates a call to agent2 (with forced recording ON), the call will not be recorded since agent1 is the active agent)
    (Recording can also be configured on queue level, which is done on page Services - Queues under System queue settings)
  • Recording of the agent if recording is ‘forced’ on agent/queue and caller denies recording: Default OFF. This feature will work only after new version of VoiceApp is deployed. If property is turned ON, the agent leg of a call will be recorded if you have configured 'forced' recording on agents or queue and the caller in the IVR denies recording. If you consider turning it on, we strongly recommend you consider if it's needed, and if so, you should inform agents about it. In the agent application the agent will see "Automatic Recording (without caller)" if such a recording is happening. 
  • Require Reason for playback (#txt or reason1;reason2;reason3): Default epty (=off). If you want to require that a user that wants to listen to a call recording in the Archive must enter a reason for listening, please add "#txt" if a free text reason should be entered when clicking Play, or add several reasons to appear in a list box, on company level or for selected user groups.    


If a user is given access to see accordion Recording on page Users – Products, this user also has access to turn on/off recording per system queue on page Services – Queues.

A description of what is recorded during a call (e.g. how the consult part is treated) can be found in the Feature guide article for Call recording.


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