Properties related to call recording and access to call recordings in the Archive.

  • Allowed to play Recordings from Archive: If OFF, the user cannot play recording or see chatlogs in Archive. If this property is off, the user cannot download/delete recording even if download/delete property is ON.
  • Allowed to download Recordings from Archive. Default OFF.
  • Allowed to delete Recordings from Archive: Default OFF. If ON, the user can delete recordings and chatlogs from Archive.
  • Censor recordings button visible: If agents should be able to Censor an ongoing recording in the agent application.
  • Manually recording allowed: If agent should be able to start a call recording.
  • Recording of conversations Forced on agent: If ON, all calls to agent(s) (in this user group) is recorded (unless the caller denied call recording).
    (Recording can also be configured to be “forced” on queue)

If a user is given access to see accordion Recording on page Users – Products, this user also has access to turn on/off recording per system queue on page Services – Queues.

A description of what is recorded during a call (e.g. how the consult part is treated) can be found here


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