On the Queue overview page, click on Agent in the Agent column for a queue row to open the Agent details page for this queue.

This page is divided into two parts:

  • Overview of agents: Shows the number of agents per status. If your solution includes any group numbers, they are shown in separate rows
  • Agent details: A list with information about each agent logged on to the chosen queue. Rows (agents) that are in grey represent agents who have been logged on to this queue earlier. In the Change status column;
    • If you click Log off or Set ready for an agent, the agent's status will change immediately.
    • If you click Set pause or Change pause for an agent, a popup window will appear where you can select a pause type before you confirm. 


For agents in status Connected we also show the queue name in brackets, unless the caller is put on hold, the agent is in a consult call or an agent-to-agent call, or if this is an outbound call where the called party has not yet answered.

If an agent clicks Pause (or Log off) while being connected (not recommended!), this agent will here be shown with status Paused (or Logged off), even if the agent's status is [Paused and Connected] or [Logged off and Connected]. Agents should click pause (or log off) while in status wrap-up or ready.  

By clicking on an agent's name, this agent's Ticker is opened.

Status duration and written requests

An agent who can answer written requests in Puzzel will be shown with status Ready (N) or Busy (N) when having N active written requests and no active call. The value for Block phone if > x written requests decides when status changes from Ready to Busy. Please note that Status duration is not reset on this page when an agent changes from Ready (x) to Ready (y) or from Busy (x) to Busy (y), so you cant always tell when the agent last time received or finished a written request. However, when allocating calls and written requests to agents, we keep track of when agents received/finished the last request.


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