Queue Overview

The queue overview enables you to monitor both agents and queues in your contact centre, per display queue. (See Display Queue Settings). The page refreshes automatically.

  • Total in queue:Total number of requests currently queued ( in this Display Queue)
  • Callback:Number of requests in the queue that are callbacks
  • Preferred: Number of requests in the queue that have a reserved/preferred agent
  • Scheduled: Number of scheduled calls/tasks that have not yet reached the scheduled time. Aka the waiting room. (The column is only shown if Queue property Show in Queue overview: Scheduled requests is ON.)
  • SLA score:How long the queue is relatively speaking. For details, see "Queue SLA settings" in the "Services" article
  • Max wait time:Longest waiting time for a request currently in a queue
  • Agents logged on:All agents that are logged on and can answer requests from the queue, including agents that are in status pause
  • Agents in Pause:Agents that are in Pause
  • Agent:Clicking on the Agent link, a new window will open giving more information about agents that are logged on to that queue

In 3 of the columns you will see hyperlinks to pages with more detailed information:

  • By clicking on a number in the Total in queue column, Queue details opens
  • By clicking on a number in the Agents Logged on column, Agent status opens
  • By clicking on Agent in the Agent column, the Agent details opens


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