The file can be a Microsoft Excel file with extension xlsx or xls, and if you use FTP import CSV is also supported. You can use a file without header row or with a header row with any column names, and then map the columns in the file to the correct fields in the Contact list.

We recommend using these header row names to simplify the column mapping:

External id, First name, Last name, Phone, Mobile, Email 1, Email 2, Working title, Organization, Department, Street name, Street number, Zip code, Zip location, Country


  1. External id is required. This is the contacts unique id e.g. from your (main) CRM system. (If a file contains 2 rows with the same external id, the last record will replace the first imported record).
  2. Last name is required
  3. A contact must have at least one phone number (Phone or Mobile) or at least one email address.
  4. Phone numbers must be on correct format (see below).

A contact that does not meet requirements 2, 3 and 4 is not imported!

Phone and Mobile numbers

If a contact has one Mobile number and/or one Fixed number, put the number(s) in the correct column. If a contact has 2 mobile numbers or 2 fixed number, we recommend putting one in Phone and one in Mobile.

Phone numbers are stored on E.164 format in the Contact list in Puzzel, and should therefore be written on this format in the file: +<country code><subscriber number>.
Examples: +4712345678 or +447712345678.

Note: Numbers not conforming to this format will not be imported!

Email addresses

An email address must be on format *@*.* to be imported.

A contact with an email address not complying to this will be imported, but the email address will be blank.

Two update alternatives

  1. Full replace
    • The existing contact list is deleted and all new contacts from the new file are imported. Notes on contacts (if any) in Puzzel will disappear.
  2. Replace and append
    • A contact in the file with an external id already in the list will be updated. All existing info for this id is deleted and all info for this id in the file is added.
    • A contact in the file with a new external id or without external id will be added
    • A contact in the list in Puzzel that is not in the file will not be changed.

One file can contain max 10.000 rows, so if you want to upload more contacts than this, you must split your contacts into 2 or more files and upload them one at a time. There is no specific max number of rows in the contact table in the Puzzel Contact database table.

If a file contains 2 rows with the same external id, the last record will replace the first imported record.

Column name



External id

Key field, required. The contacts unique id in the (main) CRM system.


First name



Last name



Phone 1

+<country code><subscrier number>


Phone description 2



Mobile 1

+<country code><subscriber number>


Mobile description 2



Email 1 1


Email 1 description 2



Email 2 1



Email 2 description 2



Working title


Secret agent






Foreign affairs

Street name


Oxford street

Street number



Zip code



Zip location






1 A contact must have a phone number or an email address. If not, it will not be imported.

2 Descriptions are not needed, but they might be e.g. Work, Home, Switchboard


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