Delete system queue (and skill)

A user with access to Add system queues can also delete a system queue (and belonging skill). Usually, you do not want to delete a system queue that is used, but if you or a colleague created new queues and you realise you do not need one of them, you can delete it.

A delete icon is shown to the right on each queue row:

Since we do not want users to delete a queue that is in use, we will tell the user what the queue and its skill is used for before the user can choose to delete.

If you click the delete icon for a queue, a popup window with this information appears:

  • The system queue definition
  • The Display queue(s) this system queue is used in (might be none, one or several)
  • The system queue(s) that uses this queue’s skill (might be more than this queue)
  • The profiles (if any) this queue’s skill is used in (might be none, some or many)
  • Radio buttons for Delete only system queue and Delete system queue and skill

Two examples:

In the first example, the system queue is used in other display queues and the skill is used in lots of profiles.

In the second example, the system queue is only used in one display queue, and the skill is only used in this queue and not used in any profiles.

If you choose to delete only the system queue or both the queue and the skill, you should check if the mentioned system queues, display queues and profiles need to be updated.

If you are in any doubt whether you should delete a system queue and possibly the skill, do not delete queue and/or skill!

If you delete a system queue and possibly a skill, it will be shown in the Change log.


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