System Queue Settings

Here you can see different parameters per system queue. A user with administration property Edit System queue ON can also edit values here.

  • SLA and Alternative SLA (details here)
  • SLA Overflow (details here)
  • Wrap-up time
    • If a phone queue has a pre-defined wrap-up, this value is used instead of the answering agent's pre-defined wrap-up time. See Agent Timeouts.
  • Recording
    • Only user with access to Recording on page Users - Products can change the Recording setting per queue here.
    • If you turn on Recording (Yes) for a phone queue, this means that all calls from this queue connected to agents are recorded, and the connected agent can not stop the recording. (aka 'forced recording'). In this case, you should mention recording in the IVR. 
    • If you select Recording = 'Pending', it means that calls from this queue are being recorded from when the agent is connected, but the recording file is stored only if the agent has clicked 'save recording' before the agent hangs up or transfers the call. Before you possibly choose 'Pending', we strongly advice you to consult your legal department and to inform agents about what to say to the caller if they want to click 'save recording', especially if 'pending' is used on the outgoing calls queue or for a Dialler queue, since in such cases the customer is not informed (by IVR) about recording before agent is connected. 
    • Please do not turn on forced or pending recording for a queue without consulting with Puzzel if you do not already have recording on for at least one other queue, since details about recording storage (Archive) and possible getting caller's acceptance in the IVR needs to be clarified. 
    • More details about recording can be found here: Call recording.
  • Enquiry registration (details here)

You can sort the table with system queues by clicking on a column header, and you can search for queues by typing text in the Filter input field.

Each system queues ID (=queue_key) is shown as a tooltip behind the queue name.

A system queue usually consists of one media type and one skill, e.g. [Chat AND Support], but there are some exceptions:

  • The outgoing calls (callout) queue consists of media type Phone and possibly a skill.
  • A queue might consist of a media type and 2 skills, e.g.
    [Phone AND Support AND Product-X].
  • In very special cases a queue can consist of an OR statement, e.g. [Phone AND Skill-x OR Phone AND Skill-y]. For such queues you cannot edit the skill names.

The different media types are:

  • Phone
  • Chat
  • Social (used for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Trustpilot and incoming SMS in queue)
  • Email (used for ordinary email, etask and for Scheduled task).
    • Queues with media type email that are for Scheduled task must be marked as Scheduled task to appear in after June 2020.

Edit system queue name

If you have a system queue with a name that should be changed, this can be done by users with access to edit system queue settings. Click the edit icon next to the queue name, change the queue name in the popup window and click Update name, and then finally click Save all changes at the bottom of the page.

Edit skill name

If you have a skill name that needs to be changed, this can be done by users with access to edit system queue settings. A skill can be renamed only if there are no unsaved changes on the page. Click the edit icon next to the skill name, change the skill name and click Save new skill name.

A skill can be used by more than one system queue, and that skill names are used/shown in the profile definitions on page Users – User Groups, and that agents only see profile names when they log on to queue.


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