If you for some reason need to update information on many of your users, you can upload a file with updated information for these existing users as an alternative to update one user at a time. You might want to add missing information, e.g. Firstname, Lastname if only username is registered, or add email address if only mobile number is entered.

How to do it:

  • First, export a file with all existing users
  • In this file, delete the users (rows) you don’t want to change and delete column external_id
  • Add or change information for the users you want to update, and save the file as a csv/txt file (CSV UTF-8 recommended). 
  • Then select Update existing users, and from the popup window choose the file.
  • If the file is validated as ok (no cells are red), click Start import.

File format must be txt or csv. We recommend CSV UTF-8 encoding for the file to make sure characters other than a-z are shown correctly.

The first row in the file must contain these column names:
user_name, firstname, lastname, user_num, email, mobile, usergroup_name, language_code, user_id

Row 2-N contains the users that will be updated. We allow max 100 rows in a file.

About the columns:

Column Description
user_name Required and must be unique within the customer (max 32 characters)
firstname Optional (max 32 characters)
lastname Optional (max 32 characters)
user_num The Agent ID is shown in statistics(max 6 digits). Must be unique. Optional
email On format *@*.*. Must be unique, and is needed for one-time passwords. Email address or mobile number is required!
mobile Must be unique and include 00 and country code, but no spaces or brackets. Used for one-time passwords. Email address or mobile number is required!
usergroup_name Required. You must use an existing user group name.
language_code Required. Choose between en, no, dk, se, fi, nl, bg.
user_id Required. The unique id for the user in Puzzel

Special characters like \, ", /, |, ^, §, £, $, %, ¤ are not allowed.

To change a user's user group can only be done if the user is logged off. 

Please note that if a user in the file has no value for a column and the user has a value for this column in the database today, the value in the database will be deleted.


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