On page Users - Users you can download an xlsx file with user information. This file contains the same columns as in an import file (user_name, firstname, lastname etc) plus user_id. This user_id is needed if you want to import a file with external IDs for SSO, and user_id is used in Raw data.

Please note that Puzzel ID and User type is not included in the exported file, and that a user's Puzzel ID might be different from the Email.

If you have a resource filter assigned that limits what users you can see, you will only see a selection of users on this page. If you export a file with users, the file will contain all users you have access to see. If you have limited the users shown on this page by selecting a Skill, a Profile or a User group, or written something in the Filter input box, the exported file will contain all users you have access to see (not only the ones shown on your screen when you have filtered).


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