Group numbers (aka "Unblockable agent") and the Create New Group number link are shown on page Users - Users in the Administration Portal only for users that have the Administration property Show Group numbers ('Unblockable agents') set to ON.

Please do not start using a Group number before you know how it works!

To create a new Group number:

1. Click Create New Group Number on page Users - Users.


2. Enter a Group number name, the Phone number and a Number of 'lines' and save

The input fields :

  • Group number name: The name of the group number (max 34 characters)
  • Telephone number: The phone number Puzzel should call
  • Number of lines: The max. number of concurrent calls that will be connected by Puzzel to the group number. Calls exceeding this amount are queued in Puzzel
  • Numeric ID: Not needed for a Group number
  • Language: Not relevant for a Group number


3. Create a profile containing 'Phone' and the relevant queue's skill for the Group number. 

When you have saved the new Group number, you are sent to the Edit Group number page, where you can add media type Phone and the relevant queue's skills to the default profile. 

4. Do the first logon to queue (and logoff)

When you have saved the a profile for the Group number, you can click Logon (and then Logoff) 

We recommend you do this initial logon (and logoff) when no callers are waiting in the relevant queue to prevent calls being sent to the phone number before the user's behind the Group number are ready. 

When this initial logon to queue is done from the Edit Group number page, this Group number appears as an 'agent' on the relevant queue's Agent Details page (available from Queue overview), so that you later can click logon/logoff when needed for the Group number.


More information

A Group number usually belongs to your telephone platform (aka PBX), and a call to such a Group number is sent to one of the users that belong to/have logged on to this Group number. By using a Group number in Puzzel you can have more callers queued than number the lines in your PBX system. Calls are not queued in Puzzel before all the telephone lines in your platform are in use. A Group number must be logged on to Puzzel queue before receiving calls from a Puzzel queue.

Both ordinary Puzzel agents and a Group number (unblockable agent) can logon to and answer calls from the same Puzzel queue.

How many 'lines' do I need?

If a person answering calls to the Group number is transferring a Puzzel call, Puzzel will not notice that the person (the Group number 'line') has become ready before the transferred call ends since the person is not using Puzzel Contacts Centre's transfer service. Therefore, to avoid a situation with available persons behind the Group number and callers waiting in Puzzel queue, more Group number 'lines' can be defined than the planned number of real persons behind the Group number.

Example: With 10 persons behind the Group number, 15-20 lines could be defined in Puzzel. If you are not certain how Group numbers work, we encourage you to contact Puzzel support to help you out in creating one.

A Group number is not listed on page Users - Users unless the Administration property Show Group numbers ('Unblockable agents') is turned on. If Group numbers are shown, they are listed with a special icon in front.




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