On page Users - Users you find a list of all users, and you can add, edit and delete users.

You can choose to show all users or users in a user group, listed alphabetically by First name or Last name. You can search for users by typing e.g. (parts of) the first name, last name, user name, email address, mobile number or a resource filter name in the Filter input box. You can uncheck columns you don't want to search for match in. A search for e.g. paal ko returns users containing paal OR ko, while a search for paal ko returns users containing the whole string within the quotation marks. You can sort the list by clicking on column headings.

You can also search for users with a given skill and optionally specific skill levels in all or a selected user groups, and you can search for users with a specific profile.

If you don't want to see column Keywords and External user id, just hide them. If you tick/untick Show Keywords/External user id, this is stored in your browser.

The columns:

  • Name: If the users first and last name is entered, it will show in this column. If not defined, we will show "(Username)". Click on a user's name to open the Edit user page for this user
  • Email: Users with registered email address will have an email icon (and email address as tooltip)
  • Mobile: Users with registered mobile number will have a mobile phone icon (and the actual number as tooltip).
  • Resource filter: Users with resource filter(s) assigned to them will have the filter icon (and the resource filter's name(s) as tooltip)
  • BoSEUsers that are Bot Script Engine users (aka BoSE-agents or automated agents) will have the BoSe icon. Only Puzzel can mark a user as BoSE. This column is only shown if you have at least 1 such user.
  • User type: Users with type Wallboard, Chat bot or API will have the relevant icon in this column.
  • Numeric ID: Each (agent) user  can have a unique numeric ID, e.g. employee-number. If an agent needs to log on to queues using the phone "back-door", this number is needed
  • User Group: What user group the user belongs to
  • Username: The username is what the user is using to sign in to Puzzel, either in the agent application or in the Administration portal. 
  • Keywords: Optional extra information per user, useful when agents are searching for someone to call/transfer to/consult with. Keywords can be used to add information about e.g. special skills, languages, location or department. One user can have 1 or more keywords, but max 100 characters. This column can be hidden.
  • External_id: The user's external id (for SSO), if any. This column can be hidden.
  • Puzzel ID: The user's Puzzel ID to be used for future sign-in to Puzzel, For user type Person this is the user's email address. If a Person user's Puzzel ID is different from the Email address, a "!" will be shown.
  • Last sign-in: The user's most recent sign-in to Puzzel.
  • Delete: Click on the Garbage can icon to delete the selected user


Edit user

Click on a user's name to open the Edit User page:

Today's Puzzel Contact Centre sign in solution (using customer number, username and password) requires that the user has an Email address or a Mobile number registered to be able to set his/her initial password and re-set password if it's forgotten or has expired. 

For a user with user type Person you we require an email address due to the new sign-in solution coming in 2023. Usually the user's Puzzel ID is the same as the email address. This Puzzel ID will be used when we launch the new sign-in. If you (the administrator) have users with type Person that's missing email address, please fill in the email address for them, or tell the (agent) users to enter their email address in agent.puzzel.com under Settings - Edit user.

If a person needs to have 2 or more Puzzel Contact centre usernames, then these usernames should be linked to the same Puzzel ID. To link a username to an existing Puzzel ID, just untick 'Puzzel ID equal to email address' and enter the relevant email address in the Puzzel ID field before you save.  

For users that are not Person, please make sure they have the relevant user type selected (Wallboard, API, Chat bot) 

For existing Wallboard users that have a 'fake' email address registered, please delete such fake email addresses. If you need to set/reset the password for a Wallboard user, any admin can do it here on the Edit user page.

Profiles available for the user

Click on Group profiles on the Edit User page to see the available group profiles for this user.

If you want to change which group profiles this agent should be able to use, check/uncheck the relevant profiles and save.

If you need to create/edit a personal profile, this can be done under accordion Personal profiles.


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