Caller’s number for calls forwarded to Puzzel

If your company has an access number (B) forwarded to a Puzzel access number (C), Puzzel might not receive the caller’s number (A) as ‘Calling party number’, but instead as ‘Additional Calling Party number’ or as ‘Redirecting number’. In such cases, it looks as if all callers have the same number; the called access number (B).

When you enter a number as Caller’s number and click Search, we look for match in Calling party number, Additional number and Redirecting number. This means that we may show calls in the result list with Caller’s number (e.g. B) not matching your search (for A). If an incoming call has Additional and/or Redirecting number, we will show these extra number(s) (that may match your search) under the call graph in the General info tab. 


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