Chat bot user for max 100 concurrent chats

An ordinary user (User type = Person) can have max 8 concurrent written requests (in addition to 1 phone call).

A user with User type = Chat bot can have up to 100 concurrent written requests (100 "sub-agents"), and if more than 8 is configured, the visualisation of the Chat bot user’s status in Agent Details will be "simplified"*.

* On page Queue overview -> Agent details, we show how many ongoing chats/written requests an ordinary Person user has (e.g. “Ready (1)” or Busy (2)), but for a user with user type = Chat bot with > 8 configured we only show status Ready if no requests are connected or Connected if at least 1 is connected. 

If you need capacity for e.g. 200 concurrent chats connected to the chat bot, you can have 2 contact centre users with User type = Chat bot, each having 100 sub-agents instead of many users each having 8 sub-agents.

Please do not increase max value from 8 to something more before you're sure the chat bot solution "behind" the Puzzel Contact centre user can handle it! If in doubt, please contact Puzzel support!


A Chat bot user does not have a Puzzel ID, but user sign-in can be done with customer key/username/password. This might be changed in the future.

Any administrator can do logon to queue (and logoff) for a Chat bot user from Admin Portal’s page Real-time –> Queue overview –> Agent details.

On page Real-time -> Ongoing request you can see all the ongoing chat requests that one such Chat bot user has connected, e.g. 32 chats. 

When a new chat arrives in queue answered by such a Chat bot user with e.g. 50 sub-agents, the chat request will be allocated to a sub-agent immediately unless all (50) sub-agents are connected to requests.

If a new chat is allocated to an available sub-agent on the Chat bot user and the chat bot system behind it does not accept/answer the chat within the defined max "offer time" (ref Chat property “Chat offered to agent - sec” with default 30), or if the chat bot system rejects/send busy/error, this sub-agent and the rest of the available sub-agents on this PCC user will be set to status No answer/Busy (ref the Agent timeout properties No answer timeout/Busy timeout with default 15 sec).


On page Users -> Products in accordion Logon to queue.

For a Chat bot user that should handle max 100 concurrent chats:

  • Block phone if number of written requests is greater than: We suggest value 0
    (Not important since this user does not handle phone)
  • Maximum concurrent chat/social requests: 100
  • Maximum concurrent email/etask requests: 1
  • Maximum total concurrent written requests (max 8): 100
  • Maximum total concurrent written requests (max 8) – adjusted: 0 

(Block chat/social when I have email/etask and Block email/etask when I have chat/social should be OFF, which is default)



If you have a user with User type Chat bot answering a queue for media type email (tasks) (handled by BoSE/automated agent), you can set Maximum concurrent email/etask requests to 100 (and Max concurrent chat/Social requests to 0) for this user.


PS If a user with User type = Person has >8 configured in these properties, we will use 8.


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