If you want to change what main menus and sub-menus that an admin user group or a specific admin user should see in the Administration Portal, you can configure it on page Users - Products under Admin Portal Menu.

If a main menu property (e.g. Enable menu Services) is OFF for a user group that should not see this main menu, you do not need to turn OFF the underlying sub-menu properties that are ON because the user will not have access to the parent main menu.

You do not need to turn off Enable menu Users/Services/Widget/SMS for agent user groups if they are ON for the company level, since these main menus are automatically disabled for users with Edit my own company OFF! See chapter Add User Group.

2 types of properties are used here:

  • Some menu properties are show only if ON for the company level, e.g. Enable menu Services - Dialler. Menu properties with this type can be turned OFF for admin user groups or users that should not have access. However, such a property can not be turned ON for a user if it's OFF for the user's user group. 
  • Other menu properties are shown on company level also when OFF, and these can be turned ON for user groups and single users when OFF on the level above. Examples are Enable menu Users - Access control and Enable menu Users - Resource filters. If you really want to limit who has access to a page, e.g. Users - Resource filters, we recommend you turn OFF Enable menu Users - Resource filters for the company level and turn it ON only for a few selected users or the main admin user group. 


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