The most important properties hereare:

  • Automatic logoff at midnight: Default is off. If turned on, agents that are logged on to queue (paused or not) at midnight will be logged off.
  • Automatic logoff after no answers: Default is off. If a value greater than 0 is set , e.g. 2, the agent will be logged off after 2 consecutive calls offered to agent (if ringing timeout happened). If the agent is logged on to queue with Softphone in the new Agent Application ( and the agent's Puzzel browser is not available (e.g. PC sleeping/off or browser closed), a call allocated to this agent will result in error, not ringing time-out.If the agent is logged on with a number belonging to an external softphone (e.g. Skype or Cisco), and this softphone is not available, Puzzel will probably also receive an error and not "ringing". Please note that automatic logoff after no answers doesn't work for chat/written requests.
  • Automatic logoff after errors: Default is 5. With value 5 (or X), the agent will be logged off after 5 (x) consecutive calls allocated to the agent where Puzzel received error signal. Please note that if an error in the network causes Puzzel to receive error instead of ringing when calling an agent, this will also log off agent, but in this case the calls don't get through to the agent anyway. If set to 0 (not recommended), the agent will not be logged off if he is logged on and lots of calls are allocated to the agent and all calls result in error, maybe because the agent left the seat (for the day) without clicking Pause/Log off.


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