If an agent forgets to click Logoff (from queue) when leaving his seat at the end of the day (or forgets to click pause when leaving for lunch), this agent will be allocated calls, emails, chats etc. if there are requests in the queues included in the agent’s current profile, and these requests will of course not be answered, but later sent to other logged on agents. 

We have several properties related to automatic logoff of agents

1. Automatic logoff at midnight:
Default is OFF. If turned ON, agents that are logged on to queue (paused or not) at midnight will be logged off.

2. Automatic logoff after x no answers for phone:
Default is 0=OFF. If a value greater than 0 is set , e.g. 3, the agent will be logged off after 3 consecutive calls offered to the agent and ringing time-out happened. If the agent is logged on to queue with Puzzel Softphone (in agent.puzzel.com) and the agent's Puzzel browser is not available (e.g. PC sleeping/off or browser closed), a call allocated to this agent will result in error, not ringing time-out. If the agent is logged on with a phone number belonging to an external softphone (e.g. Teams or Cisco), and this softphone is not available, Puzzel will probably also receive an error and not "ringing". Please note that Automatic logoff after x no answers for phone doesn't work for chat/written requests.

3. Automatic logoff after x errors for phone:
Default is 5 (0=OFF). With value 5 (or X), the agent will be logged off after 5 (x) consecutive calls allocated to the agent where Puzzel received error signal. Please note that if an error in the network causes Puzzel to receive error instead of ringing when calling an agent, this will also log off agent, but in this case the calls don't get through to the agent anyway. If set to 0 (not recommended), the agent will not be logged off if he is logged on and lots of calls are allocated to the agent and all calls result in error, maybe because the agent left the seat (for the day) without clicking Pause/Log off.

4. Automatic logoff after 5 errors for written requests:
Default is OFF. If turned ON, an agent that is allocated 5 consecutive written requests while the agent's Puzzel browser is unavailable (browser closed/unavailable or PC sleeping/off) will be logged off. We recommend this property be turned on for user groups working with email/tasks, but please keep it OFF for your Bot user group(s), if any.

About written request allocation to agents who have left/whose browser is unavailable
If a logged on agent (whose Puzzel browser is closed/unavailable) is allocated a written request from queue, the agent’s shown status is not changing from ready to “alerting” (aka ringing/connecting). The result is that this request is not sent to another agent after only 30 sec (as is the default value for ‘Offer time to agent" for chat/email), but instead, the request is allocated 130 sec to the agent before timeout and it is allocated to another agent.

An agent that is allocated a written request when the agent's browser is unavailable, is not counted as 1 Offered in Ticker agent since we did not reach ‘alerting’. However, in the agent statistics report Details per agent per queue it will show as 1 'Set-up timeout', and in Raw data it will be 1 conversation event with result_code ‘c’.


5. Automatic logoff if agent application has not sent 'heartbeat' for x minutes (0 = off)
If agents sometimes forget to click Pause when they leave their seat during the day, or they forget to click Logoff when they leave in the afternoon/evening, they can be auto-logged off after having been offered x calls/written requests that are not answered (ref 2, 3, 4 above) or they can be logged off at midnight (ref 1 above).

If an agent that has forgotten to click logoff is not offered requests from queues (e.g. due to leaving after the contact centre or the agent’s queues have closed) this agent will have time logged on until midnight, which makes the agent statistics very misleading for this day.

For agents using the Puzzel agent application’s Softphone or answering written requests (chats etc.) in Puzzel, we have an extra option based on Puzzel agent application's "heartbeat" that can be used instead of or as an addition to other auto-logoff mechanisms. Please do not turn on this feature for agents that do Logon to queue with an external phone number instead of Puzzel softphone. 

If this property is turned on for a user (e.g. set to 15 minutes), we will check if the user’s Puzzel agent application has a connection to the Puzzel platform, that is, sending a 'heartbeat' every minute. If no 'heartbeat' is received from the agent application during the last x minutes (e.g. 15) and the agent’s status is different from Paused and Connected, we will log off the agent and create a logoff record. 

  • When an agent is paused, we will of course not auto-log off the agent if no 'hearbeat' is received.
  • When the agent’s status is Connected when no 'heartbeat' is received, we will not logoff the agent since the agent is probably speaking using an external phone instead of the Puzzel Softphone.
  • If the agent’s status is Ready and no 'heartbeat' is received, the agent will be logged off. 


5b) Automatic logoff if agent application has not sent 'heartbeat' - include Pause
If you have turned on "Automatic logoff if agent application has not sent 'heartbeat' for x minutes" for some users, and you also want an agent in a Pause status to be logged off if this user's agent application is not sending heartbeats for x minutes, then you should turn on "Automatic logoff if agent application has not sent 'heartbeat' - include Pause" for these users. Please note that if an agent clicks a Pause reason and plans to stay in this status for a long time, it's not unusual that this user's PC goes to sleep and stops sending heartbeats. 

The Puzzel platform will not receive 'heartbeats' from the Puzzel agent application...

  • when the agent’s PC is off or sleeping
  • when the Puzzel agent application browser tab is closed
  • when the Puzzel agent application browser tab has been inactive for a while and Memory saver/Sleeping  tabs is on. 

How to check/adjust sleeping tab settings:

  • If you use Google Chrome, click the 3 dots in the upper right corner, select Settings, and then in the right margin select Performance (or enter URL  chrome://settings/performance). If Memory saver is ON, you can add the Puzzel agent application URL under Always keep these sites active, or turn off the Memory saver. 
  • If you use Microsoft Edge, click the 3 dots in the upper right corner, select Settings, and then in the right margin select System and Performance (or enter URL edge://settings/system). Here you can adjust the settings related to sleeping tabs. If you turn on “Save resources with sleeping tabs”, you can consider adding the Puzzel agent application URL under Never put these sites to sleep.

If this auto-logoff feature is interesting, please try it on one agent only or one user group first and set the value to at least 15 minutes (we recommend 15-30 minutes). The reason is that the agent might be logged off if the web browser that Puzzel agent application is running in goes to "sleep" when this browser is not active during x minutes. This might happen if the agent has accepted a task/email and is working outside the Puzzel browser tab for a long time, or if the agent is Ready for a long time due to no calls arriving.


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