Any written request from any system (email, CRM etc) that can be identified by a URI can be queued and distributed in Puzzel as media type email. The system must send information about the request (From, To, Subject, Uri) to Puzzel (webservice RequestAdd) so that Puzzel can queue and distribute the request to an agent. Puzzel also offers an Exchange connector. Scheduled task also uses media type email. Several properties affect how media type email works in the Agent application, e.g.:

  • Offer email to agent sec: How long agents should be offered email. Default is 30 seconds. If an agent does not accept an offered email within these seconds, the email request is removed from the Agent Application and offered to the next ready agent.
  • Allow e-mail transfer to queue: If agents should be allowed to transfer an accepted email to another queue (default ON). Might be useful if an email is sent to the wrong email address/email queue.
  • Allow e-mail transfer to agent: If agents should be allowed to transfer an accepted email to another agent (default OFF). Might be useful if some emails to a queue can only be answered by certain agents.
  • Allow e-mail transfer to personal queue: If agents should be allowed to put an accepted email into his personal queue, to reopen and finish it later (default OFF).

If you want changes in your e-mail configuration in Puzzel, please contact our support team.

About email transfer and Put email in personal queue

An agent that transfers an email should write a comment in the agent application to the next agent. If an agent transfers an email to another agent, the email is shown in this new agents Personal queue. The email is actually put in a transfer queue, but it's tagged with the correct agents name. This transfer queue should have a KPI alarm (if wait time > x hours), so that all agents and supervisors can see if emails are waiting too long in the transfer queue. All agents can pick emails (that have waited too long) from the transfer queue.

If you allow your agents to put an accepted email in personal queue, the agents can work on the same email several times (before sending an answer to the end-customer and clicking Finish). The agents are given credit for all the time he/she spends working on an email, but please note that this will have impact on the Ticker Agent and the agent statistics! (It will look as if the agent answered several emails and used shorter time per email, than if he did not put emails in his personal queue).

Agents will see the Email Personal queue and the Email transfer queue in the Queue overview if they see all queues, but if its configured that they only should see Relevant queues, you need to include the skills email transfer and email personal (with level=0) in the profile the agents use when answering email.


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