Here you can change values for these properties related to sign in to Puzzel:

  • Show Access Log: If ON, the user(s) can see the Access log (a list of all sign-ins to Puzzel) on page Users – Log in the Admin Portal.
  • Show Change Log: Turn OFF if the user(s) should not see the Change log on page Users – Log in the Admin Portal
  • Strong password required: Default is off, which means passwords must be at least 6 characters including at least 1 letter and at least 1 digit. If turned ON, the user’s password must be at least 8 characters and contain at least 1 lower-case letter (a-z), 1 upper-case letter (A-Z), 1 number (0-9) and 1 special character ($ @ € £ ! % * ? & = ,)
  • Two-factor authentication – email: Turn ON for user groups that should use 2-factor authentication by email to sign in. Verify that these users have defined email address in Puzzel.
  • Two-factor authentication – SMS: Turn ON for user groups that should use 2-factor authentication by SMS to sign in. Verify that these users have defined mobile number in Puzzel.
  • How many days a password is valid: Default 0 which means valid forever. Set a value (e.g. 90) if you want to force the users to change password at fixed intervals. If a user signs in when the password has expired, the sign in will fail and the user must order a one-time password to define a new password. Verify that the users have email address or mobile phone number defined in Puzzel before setting a value here, so that the users can receive one-time password! See article How to force users to change (to a stronger) password? in the Knowledgebase section.
  • IP address Allow list: If you want to limit from what IP addresses your users should be allowed to sign in to Puzzel, you can enter IPv4 addresses/ranges that are allowed. If no addresses are defined, users can sign in from any IP address. Please note that the old Desktop agent application doesn’t support this feature.
  • Web session timeout (in sec): Default is 43200 sec (=12 hours). If a user is signed in longer than the defined timeout, the user will be signed out. For the Wallboard user group, you can set the timeout to e.g. 7 or 31 days so that you don’t need to sign in the wallboard users each morning.
  • SSO: List of external authentication providers. If you want your agents to have single sign-on to using Azure credentials, you must add ‘azure|azure’ here. Then you must upload a list with the users’ external id on page Users – Users. For Salesforce, enter “Salesforce|Salesforce”
  • SSO: Log user off from external Identity Provider. If turned ON, the user is signed out from Azure (in the browser) when the user has signed in to Puzzel. If users have personal computers, it should be safe to have this property OFF.
  • SSO: Reject user to sign in with Puzzel username. Default OFF. If turned ON, the user can not sign in to with the Puzzel username/password.


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